Area Attractions


The King Miner Statue

The King Miner statue was designed and built by Winnipeg sculptor George Barone.  The statue is virtually indestructible , weighs between three thousand five hundred and four thousand pounds and stands over fifteen feet tall.  The statue was officially unveiled on Miner’s Day July 10, 1981, Thompson’s twenty-fifth anniversary year, to honour all the people who work in the mining industry. 

Nickel Days

Nickel Days Corporation has been producing the annual Nickel Days event for over 40 years.  It provides family entertainment through midway rides, games, entertainment and organized sporting and recreational events. A highlight for young ones is the parade which features floats, music and more. The weekend also provides a great opportunity for organizations to host their major events, such as the National King Miner Contest and annual baseball tournaments. Nickel Days will be held June 18-21, 2015 and is a great way to start of the summer.

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Aviation Tribute

A restored Norseman Aircraft is dramatically mounted in the Thompson Lions Club Park overlooking the Burntwood River.  The CF-BHS Norseman Mark V was built in Montreal in 1946 and was essential in servicing and developing Northern Manitoba.  Brave and dedicated pilots transported passengers, mail, equipment, supplies and food throughout northern communities, crossing the vast forest and tundra.  During Inco’s mine exploration and construction stage in the 1950’s, float planes were used to transport tons of manpower, materials and machinery to Thompson.  This park pays tribute to the pilots, mechanics and support staff in Northern Aviation.


Spirit Way 

An award-winning pathway and biking route highlighting 16 unique points of interest, wolf statues, and the world's largest lighted mural of a Robert Bateman painting. Rated as one of the "Top 20 Places to Visit in Manitoba".

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Mystery Mountain Winter Park 

Mystery Mountain Winter Park is located 20 minutes north of Thompson on Provincial Road 280. With 18 downhill runs and 5 lifts, Mystery Mountain offers fun and adventure for a variety of experience levels. Rent skis or snowboards for the day, take a lesson from a qualified instructor, enjoy lunch at the concession and indulge "after-ski" in the Polar Lounge—there is something for the entire family. Mystery Mountain Winter Park is owned and operated by the Thompson Ski Club, a not-for-profit organization.

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Wolf Mural - Largest Photo-Real Mural in Canada

The 86 ft high x 62 ft wide image is Canada’s largest photo-real mural. It rests on a 10 storey apartment block, Highland Tower, that is the most prominent building on Thompson’s skyline. Highly visible from downtown and can be seen 1 mile away. Located along the designated Millennium Trail. It is a reproduction of Robert Bateman’s “Wolf Sketch” painted in 1990.

Canada’s largest photo real mural is visible a mile away. Painted by award winning muralist, Charles Johnston, it is a reproduction of a Robert Bateman painting called “Wolf Sketch” which he completed in 1990. It is the only Bateman mural in existence. Robert Bateman is Canada’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed wildlife painter.

Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Pisew Falls to Kwasitchewan Falls Hiking Trail - The Upper Track Trail

The trail leads the adventurer down the river to Kwasitchewan Falls—Manitoba's highest—and to two rapids above the falls. For most of the trail, the waters of the Grass River are within sight and stands of spruce, pine, tamarack and poplar provide shade and habitat for the many birds and animals that live in the area. This hike holds many rewards for those prepared to meet its challenges. It is recommended that hikers take time to plan their trip and carry only essential items on the trail.

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Tribute to Firefighters

The Northern firefighters statue, Spirit Way's 16th point of interest, was unveiled at a ceremony Sept. 11, 2009.

The statue serves as a tribute to firefighters and emergency responders in the North, and is an enduring symbol to raise awareness of the work that such individuals do every day.

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Rotary Splash Club Brian Taylor

Rotary Splash Park

Rotary Splash Park became a reality in August, 2012 following three years of hard work by a dedicated group of volunteers. The splash pad was turned on in early August and the official opening was held August 26.  Since its opening, the park has seen thousands of kids and hundreds of families using the park to cool off and play. (Photo courtesy of Brian Taylor, Thompson, MB)

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Thompson Regional Community Centre

The newly renovated arena has walking track and public skating. It hosts hockey tournaments and other activities throughout the year. 

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Bailey Bridge

Bailey Bridge

The Bailey Bridge was invented in England by Donald Bailey in 1941.  It was a transportable bridge, designed to be built on-the-spot by manpower alone, be moved and rebuilt quickly, and to be strong enough to hold the weight of troops and equipment that would cross it.  This type of bridge was used from 1957 to 1971 to span the Burntwood River and a piece of it is still used at Ravine Park behind City Hall. Donald Bailey was knighted by the Queen of England for his invention and they are still used around the world today.